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Ship Classes

Each faction has access to a certain amount of ships per class, this goes for ships currently active in the world. Your quantum hangar can have spares for these classes and are not counted in the overall faction limits.

Just because you have access to a certain amount total ships, that doesn't mean you should have the full amount out in the world. During peace time keep ships that aren't being used hangered up.

If docked try to keep them magplated at all times so they don't cause physics lag. Only have them connected when transfers need to take place or they need to power something.

Ship Limits
1x Aircraft Carrier
1x Logistics Ship
2x Battleship
3x Cruiser
4x Destroyer
4x Frigates
3x Submarine
8x corvette

Total ships = 26
Ship Classification Block Count Weapon Points PMW Missile Propellers Allowed Notes
Corvette 0-800 75 N/A 2 FWD - 1 P/Side - 1 Reverse Entry level Vessels & and escort ships for larger warships
Submarine 2500 1 DD Class Turret 10 Guided 2 FWD - 1 P/Side(left/right) - 1 Reverse Specialised underwater class, usefull for intel and sneak attacks. Can make use of PMW Missiles. Only class that can operate ICBM and fixed torpedo tubes.
Frigate 801-1500 150 10 Guided 3 FWD - 1 P/Side - 1 Reverse Long range attack ships, can make use of PMW missiles
Destroyer 1501-3000 300 20 Guided 4 FWD - 1 P/Side - 2 Reverse
Cruiser 3001-4500 450 N/A 6 FWD - 1 P/Side - 2 Reverse These ships will act as your navy's muscles and tanks, can make use of PMW turrets.
Battleship 4501-6000 750 N/A 8 FWD - 2 P/Side - 4 Reverse This class is locked to only Turret weapons and AA, can make use of pmw turrets.
Logistics Ship 3000 100 N/A 3 FWD - 1 P/Side - 2 Reverse Smaller logistical ship, can act as resupply base for ships fielding PMW missiles. Can fit a logistics Core
Aircraft Carrier 5500 200 N/A 6 FWD - 2 P/Side - 2 Reverse Your base away from home, can act as resupply base for ships fielding PMW missiles. Can fit a logistics Core


  • Aircraft Carriers are classified as frigates for weapons, their main role and strength is defined by its aircraft. This is also the only class that can be fitted with welders for re-arming of aircraft and friendly ships
  • Submarines can fit up to 1 DD class or AA Turret; their strength lies in the use of torpedoes and ballistic missiles. And the fact that they are underwater. Subs can either fit pmw or WC missile Launchers, A max of 4 WC launchers are allowed to be fitted.
  • Cosmetics can exceed ship total max block count however only by max 10%

PMW Missiles / Torpedoes PMW missiles cost 15 weapon points each, they have to consist of small grid blocks. And be built from the Missile block packs ONLY that are installed on the server. PMW missiles can only be reloaded at a base or aircraft carrier(Aircraft carrier is the only ship allowed to carry welders, these are only to be used to rearm pmw ships). For further details regarding pmw missiles go to PMW Missile Guide

Runway blocks are for runways only, using this as armor alternative will result in the deletion of the ship

For Large grid weapon points go to Large Grid Weapon Points

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