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Create a faction

In order to create a faction officially post your request in the diplomacy channel on discord with its name.

Faction name Leader : Ingame Tag: TimeZone: Recruitment : Territories :

Once the faction is registered, Claim a territory.


Being in a faction has some benefits:

  • Offline protection on your bases
  • ability to claim land
  • get to have your own logo ingame and on lcd ( dm DarkXeRoX with your logo )
  • discord role


  • 3 members

You require at least 3 members to form a new faction, there are no specific limitations on faction size bar the ones you put on yourself.

New factions get a week protection against wars, and a starter base in the requested territory. (Provided the territory is available, DM DarkXeRoX to get setup)


Factions that have been inactive for 10 days will be removed from the server, if a faction is at war it will be automatically forfeited after 7 days of inactivity. The faction will lose all its territory bar its mainbase, if the main base is in disputed territory an alternative will be picked. If the faction only had a main base it will lose all its territory, if the faction remains inactive for another 3 days will lose the option to restart elsewhere and will be deleted from the server.

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