General Rules

This is a friendly SE community and we would like to keep it a place where everybody can feel welcome and safe to chat and share their creations.

  • We do not tolerate racism
  • Keep things friendly, any personal insults can result in a ban. A bit of banter is fine but keep it as banter
  • With PVP comes competition and the odd heated discussion which is fine provided it doesn't get personal
  • Exploiting, build stealing or other toxic forms of playing the game will result in a straight up ban
  1. No Hydromanning/Engineer raiding ( using jetpacks to engage players / grids and/or using tools to fight )
  2. Grids are to be designed to be somewhat realistic, no gunbricks and the likes
  3. No offline Raiding, This is just bad sportsmanship. If a warring faction doesn't log in for a while contact an admin
  4. Do not Ram, ramming is just a lame tactic and we have added a very large selection of weapons to make stuff go boom.
  5. Any grid/script to cause severe server performance issues will be removed, if the action is done intentional the player will be banned.
  6. Static grids are to be placed above voxels, no hiding blocks inside voxels
  1. All grids are to remain within the planet atmosphere
  2. Naval Warships and Structures are large grids only
  3. Aircraft and ground vehicles are small grids only
  4. Each Grid requires the correct GridCore for that class, Structure GridCores must be above voxels and water.(cleanup deletes grids without a gridcore)

Grid Cores

Each grid will require a grid core, these will also define the type and class of the grid. On paper they are beacon blocks however they will also carry specific points and limits.

Each class has its own grid core block, they can be found in the dyg grid cores tab in the G menu.

Grids without a grid core will end up getting removed by the auto cleanup !!

GridCores will automatically limit the amount of certain blocks, but here is a general list for specific blocks:

  • All ships can fit a max of 2 vents ( these are reinforced on dygamic but when all vents die your ship sinks )
  • O2 Generators are only usefull for small grid fuel and only 1 per grid is allowed
  • Ships will be able to fit 2 navigation computer blocks
  • Ships will be able to fit 1 vanilla gyro or submarine navigation computer block.(script support)

Jetpacks are only to be used around friendly grids for logistical purposes, they will only operate in range of a friendly GridCore.

Blatantly using a blueprint without approval from the original author is a big no no.

Legal ways to obtain grids:

  • Sale / Trade
  • Salvage
  • Steam Workshop

Copying a grid on one of the public creative servers is also not permitted, the servers exist for people to use to test or just build stuff on. Not for you to be lazy and copy somebody else their stuff.

If grids end up lost or misplaced due to game bugs / server issues we expect you to act like a gentleman(woman) and just report the grid to the faction it belongs to or an admin.

Exploiting game mechanics to obtain a blueprint is also not permitted.

If players are found to be exploiting game systems to gain access to other people's builds they will be banned off the server without warning.

Punishment for breaking any of these rules will be down to admins discretion.

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