Basic Aircraft Building

Aircraft require a few things for the most basic of operation: Power, Thrust, Fuel, Lift and Control. The most basic aircraft consists of an airvent (set to depressurize) to provide the oxygen to a jet engine. There is also some form of power generator in order for the jet engine and airvent to work.

The following is a list of components that can be used for aircraft.

Power can be sourced from a set of different components: Batteries, Engines and Reactors.


Batteries are usually for kickstarting engines or for aircraft designed to be disposable in a very short amount of time. They usually have decent range and output, but the recharging can take an ungodly amount of time, even with the best possible power grids. This is due to them being limited to a maximum input. 1MW=1000kW.

Type Max Required Input Maximum Output Max Stored Power Size (H,W,L) Mod
AWG Battery “Monarch” 100kW 200kW 250kWh 1x1x2 AWG
AWG Battery “Kickstarter” 25kW 150kW 25kWh 1x1x1 AWG
Vanilla Battery 4MW 4MW 1MWh 2x3x3 N/A
Vanilla Small Battery 200kW200kW 50kWh 1x1x1 N/A
12V Car Battery 100kW250kW 100kWh 1x1x1 IAP

Hydrogen Engines

Hydrogen engines are the main power source for most aircraft, due to their ability to give incredible ranges at the cost of the free stuff all around you (water gives ice, which gives hydrogen in an o2h2 generator). They come in a series of sizes and powers. Their fill rate is dependent on the quantity of hydrogen produced either by a generator or the hydrogen storage tanks. 1KL=1000L

Type Max Output Internal Fuel Storage Size (H,W,L) Conveyor Ports Mod
AWG Light 300kW3000L 2x1x2 1 AWG
AWG Modular Light 350kW 3500L 1x3x2 2 AWG
AWG Medium 850kW 7500L2x3x2 2 AWG
AWG Heavy 1.75MW16KL3x3x5 4 AWG
AWG Super-Heavy 4.5MW25KL 3x3x7 2 AWG
AWG Radial 1.75MW5KL 3x3x2 2 AWG
Jet Hydrogen Engine 750KW15KL 1x1x3 4 CAP
Jet Hydrogen Engine (Medium) 1MW15KL 1x1x5 4 CAP
Modular Engine 150kW 1500L 2x1x1 5 IAP
Modular Engine (Halfblock) 52kW 750L 2×1(halfblock)x1 1 IAP
Turbo-Jet GeNX8 Generator (GeNX8) 1MW 20KL 3x3x3 3 LYNX
Vanilla Hydrogen Engine 500kW 5KL 3x2x2 2 N/A


The absolute pinnacle of power, producing great and constant power in a small size for the cost of a little uranium. Used by wealthy factions due to the time required to obtain large quantities of uranium.

Type Max Output Internal Storage Size (HWL) Conveyor Ports
Large Reactor 14.75MW 1KL 3x3x3 2
Small Reactor 500kW 125L 1x1x1 1

Aircraft can take different amounts of thrust depending on their class (See Aircraft Classification and Weapon points) All thrusters take oxygen as their fuel, provided by intakes. Propellers are purely power-fed. The thrusts are rounded to the nearest whole ton

Jet Engines

Type Max Thrust Max O2 usage Size (HWL) Conveyor Ports Mod
Cordium 20T 192.8L/s 1x1x3 1 Soviet
Hussar AE-1X 15T 192.8L/s 2x1x5 1 Soviet
PW F-117 20T 192.8L/s 2x2x5 2 Soviet
Saturn AL-31 15T 192.8L/S 3x3x3 1 Soviet
Turul SH-30 20T 192.8L/s 3x3x3 1 Soviet
Pegasus AN-2 10T 192.8L/s 1x1x2 1 Soviet
Turbo-Fan Thruster(GeNX8) 47T 257.07L/s 3x3x3 1 LYNX
Jet Thruster 2.5 2.5T 48.2L/s 1x1x1 1 CAP
Jet Thruster 5 5T 96.4L/s 1x1x1 1 CAP
Jet Thruster 10 10T 128.5L/s 1x1x1 1 CAP
Jet Thruster 15 15T 192.8L/s 1x1x2 1 CAP
Jet Thruster 20 20T 257.1L/S 1x1x3 1 CAP
Jet Thruster 20 Even 20T 257.1L/S 1x2x3 1 CAP
Jet Thruster 20 2×2 20T 257.1L/S 2x2x3 1 CAP


Type Max Thrust Max electricity Size (HWL) Blades Mod
Prop_S_2 8T 701kW 7x7x1 2 Takeshi
Prop_S_3 12T 1.05MW 7x7x1 3 Takeshi
Prop_S_4 16T 1.4MW 7x7x1 4 Takeshi
Prop_S_8 40T 2.4MW 7x7x1 8 Takeshi
Prop_L_2 12T 1.05MW 9x9x1 2 Takeshi
Prop_L_3 18T 1.58MW 9x9x1 3 Takeshi
Prop_L_4 24T 2.1MW 9x9x1 4 Takeshi
Prop_L_8 61T 2.4MW 9x9x1 8 Takeshi
V1 Pulsejet 7T 260kW 1x1x6 N/A IAP
3-Blade Plane Prop 15 16T 750kW 1x1x1 3 Randa
3-Blade Plane Prop 7.5 8T 375kW 1x1x1 3 Randa
4-Blade Plane Prop 15 16T 750kW 1x1x1 4 Randa
4-Blade Plane Prop 7.5 8T 375kW 1x1x1 4 Randa
6-Blade Plane Prop 15 16T 750kW 1x1x1 6 Randa
6-Blade Plane Prop 7.5 8T 375kW 1x1x1 6 Randa
AWG Plane Prop Small 5T 260kW 1x1x1 2 AWG
AWG Plane Prop Medium 7.5T 550kW 1x1x1 3 AWG
AWG Plane Prop Heavy 10T 860kW 1x1x1 4 AWG
Tiltrotor Propeller 9T 100kW 1x1x1 3 Randa
Tiltrotor Propeller Large 16T 140kW 1x1x1 3 Randa
Tiltrotor Propeller Huge 33T 210kW 1x1x1 3 Randa
AWG Light Helicopter Blade 9T 37.5kW 1x1x1 4 AWG
AWG Medium Helicopter Blade 16T 75.6kW 1x1x1 4 AWG
AWG Heavy Helicopter Blade 33T 147.4kW 1x1x1 4 AWG
Ducted Fan 5×5 9T 125kW 1x5x5 N/A Randa
Ducted Fan 7×7 16T 250kW 1x7x7 N/A Randa

Fuel comes under two categories: for power generation and for thrust. Power generation uses Hydrogen, thrust uses oxygen. Oxygen tanks are capable of being used, but are generally obsolete due to that produced by the airvents. Hydrogen is stored in wing-blocks, internal fuel tanks and drop tanks.


Type O2 intake Max Required Input Conveyors Mod
Air Vent 30L/s 10kW 1 Vanilla
Jet Intake 300.5L/s 500kw 1 CAP
Jet Intake Medium 600.5L/s 750kW 1 CAP

Oxygen Tanks

Type O2 storage Max output Conveyors Mod
AWG Oxygen Tank 1×1 12.5kL 625L/s 6 AWG
Oxygen Tank 3x3x3 50kL 2.5kL/s 3 Vanilla

Hydrogen Tanks

Type H2 storage Size HWL Conveyors Mod
AWG Hydrogen Half Fuel Tank 30KL1x1x1 3 AWG
AWG Hydrogen Fuel Tank 75kL 1x1x1 2 AWG
AWG Hydrogen Fuel Tank 2×3 450kL 2x1x3 4 AWG
Slim Wing Fill Hydrogen Tank 25kL 1x1x1 (Slim wing) 4 CAP
Wing Fill Hydrogen Tank 10kL 1x1x1 (Thin Wing)4 CAP
Fuel Drop Tank (Pylon) 225kL 1x2x9 (Pylon) 1 CAP

Lift is provided by wings. These can come from the mods by Consty, Takeshi and Randa. The more wing, the more lift and the higher the maneuverability of your aircraft.

Control is provided by a Gyro's and Control surfaces. Due to the limit in Gyro's, these are most used for stability. There are control surfaces for all types of control surfaces, including Canards. Alternatively you can use customs ones with a script (sourced from elsewhere).

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