Ship Building Guide

SE Ship building changes a fair bit when you add water in the mix, in order to float you need to create airtight chambers in your ship. Airtight areas in your ship adds buoyancy, however for combat you want to make sure that one hole in your ship doesn't turn your boat into a coral reef straight away.

Under construction, more information is being worked on.

Below is a table listing the general sizes of RL ship classes and what that would be in SE large grid blocks. Sizes are measured at deck level. To avoid making an even width ship you can go for an uneven width + 2 half blocks on the side to get to an even number.

Ships on the server need to stay below 3200 blocks squared, block length x block width. This is measures per lg blocks which are 2.5m

Class Length (meters) Width (Meters) Length (Blocks) Width (Blocks) Notes
Aircraft Carrier 342 78.4 (41 at waterline) 136.8 31.36
Battleship 263 39 105.2 15.6
Cruiser 247 28 98.8 11.2
Destroyer 190 25 76 10
Submarine 175 23 70 9.2
Frigate 151 20 60.4 8
Corvette 99 15 39.6 6
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