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How to get resources

To avoid performance degradation due to voxel damage we moved to a more static method of ore gathering.

We have 3 different Base Cores that provide your base with basic ores and also define the base type its on. You can only have 1 core per base.

The more rare materials such as platinum and uranium are only available in the resource zones.

Main Base Core

This you get to build one off and will give you the most resources, its also a massive storage container if you need the extra space.

This will also define the base that its on as your main base.

Fort Core

Similar to the main base core however a little bit smaller and slightly reduced ore output, this will define the base that its on as a Fort.

Outpost Core

This will be used for your forward bases near a combat zone or a zone of interest. These will provide you with components to perform maintenance on your vehicles. Its 1x1x1, so its small and compact.

Any form of exploiting subgrids to get multiple cores working in one base will result in the entire base getting deleted, if it happens again the entire faction will be banned.

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