Player Made Missiles

Player made missiles or PMW in short are a very powerful tool to have in your arsenal however it does require some engineering to make these work properly.

There are multiple ways to make these work:

- Guidance block - Scripts ( Lamp/Wham, Rdav, etc ) - Dumbfire - Ai blocks

We have special designed mods to provide you with special missile looking blocks on the server and these are the only ones to be used to build PMW missiles out of:

- Terran Titans Tactical Warfare blocks

- Consty

Each PMW missile is counted per thruster, certain classes can field a set amount of pmw missiles. A guided missile would be if a script or guidance block controls its movement, remote control also counts as a guided missile.

You can only use parts from the pmw missile mods, no other blocks can be used in the missile.

PMW missiles cannot be rewelded at sea or in the air, you will either need to return to base or be connected to a carrier. PMW missiles cannot be fired while connected to a carrier, you need to disconnect and move away from the carrier before they can be fired. This to prevent quick reload spamming, the same goes from bases. You cannot spam pmw missiles from a base.

A pmw missile has to stay within the 1×1 width, this to prevent stacking or clustering of missiles.

These guidelines are to ensure some form of balance for the immense destruction these are capable off.

Will be filled in soon™

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