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About Us

This is a SE naval server aiming to focus on fun while also keeping some order in the chaos with a reasonable ruleset. The rules are designed to keep a bit of order and push engineers to design ships that aren’t just floating blocks stacked with guns.

Join the discord to keep up to date.

How To Join

First join our discord server: link to discord

Main server

ip :

Sector Node IP's

  • Main Earth :
  • Europe :
  • Australia :
  • Asia/Russia :
  • Americas :
  • Africa :

Any grids without a GridCore will get deleted upon automatic clean up!

Creative Test servers

Battle Test server ip : pw: icarus

Builders Server ip : pw: icarus

Single Player world

Link to sp world on workshop

Try to keep the creative server clean, we'll be doing a complete grid wipe every now and then when the server gets too cluttered

Season 3 Mods

Link to Coremods

Questions & Suggestions

Check out the ask for help and suggestions channels

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