About Us

This is a SE naval server aiming to focus on fun while also keeping some order in the chaos with a reasonable ruleset. The rules are designed to keep a bit of order and push engineers to design ships that aren’t just floating blocks stacked with guns.

Join the discord to keep up to date.

We are currently not running a season.

Season 4 is planned to be launched on June the 7th

How To Join

First join our discord server: link to discord

Main server

ip :

Any grids without a GridCore will get deleted upon automatic clean up!

Creative Test servers

Battle Test server ip : pw: icarus

Builders Server ip : (offline till after launch) pw: icarus

passwords are all in lowercase ( theme puts em down as capitals )

Try to keep the creative server clean, we'll be doing a complete grid wipe every now and then when the server gets too cluttered

Single Player world


Questions & Suggestions

Check out the ask for help and suggestions channels

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