Our History

The discord server was founded on the 25th of June 2022 by Slayer3000bot to start a new Naval focused SE server. Slayer3000bot offered to host the server on a spare ryzen 5800x with Kyrenic as head admin to run the server and create its rules.

With a different naval server dying out (Flotsam) a few of the factions slowly moved over to build a new server.

On the 2nd of July 2022 the Kyrenic setup server went live however the next day he was no longer interested in running the project. Slayer3000bot went to find another person to run the server and ended up making DarkXeRoX Head Admin a couple days later.

While messing about for a wee while with the server as is things became clear that we had to back to the drawing board and completely rework things if we want to make this work. With DarkXeRoX announcing on the 24th of July that we will be relaunching the server.

For season 1 we reworked the entire rule set and created a new planet.

Along with a main server we added a creative server for people to test and build on, we felt with a creative server people could test and build together. Along with somewhere to go if the main server where to go offline.

Season 1 finally started on the 8th of August 2022

As this was a bit of a new venture for us we still had a fair bit of work to do to balance things but also find better solutions to optimize things to improve server performance with water mod hogging most of the resources.

In November we implemented the new BaseCore system to replace the static drills with ores generated in the bases instead, while static drills did offer a good solution compared to voxel mining it still adds a fair amount of pressure to the server threads. While static drills initially does drive people to go around and find ores once its all setup it becomes a bit of a forgotten thing that just pushes ore to your base via the pipelines mod which also hurts server threads.

Season 1 was not the more conflict rich season, with mostly casual builders on the server it was a fairly quiet one on the combat side of things. Terran Titans and Legion of the Blue Phoenix had a little fun war just for a bit of a scrap. Anadrene Armed Forces engaged Uwusitos in a bit more of a serious conflict, While there was a bit more fighting happening the war ultimately had an abrupt ending when Uwusitos and their new membership pulled from a different discord fell apart.

At the start of the new year ( 2023 ) we finally implemented the Resource zones and npcs, Platinum and Uranium both got restricted to the resource zones. The Resource zones where a king of the hill style area for some free for all pvp and means to get advanced materials for the more expensive ammunition and fuel for reactors.

Season 1 Finished on 28th of February 2023

For Season 2 not a whole lot got changed bar a few small tweaks we found from S1, the public voted to stay with the same planet. A few rule changes where put in place to better define wars and its ROE, along with some new restrictions on vents and h2 generators to help improve performance.

This season saw a decent spike in factions and overall player count, with the faction count jumping from 8 ish to about 20 ish we where starting to hit new limits of the SE engine and Water mod. With sim speed dropping with larger volumes of players being on the server along with the larger volume of ships active at the same time we had to start looking into new ways to get more performance out of the game.

A bit of a experimental idea was being put in place…. Lets cut the planet up into nexus nodes…. It sounded crazy and well to be fair it was a little bit crazy however after a fair bit of hard work and messing about the server was converted to a nexus cluster setup. While this added better ways to manage server load it also added some new issues, most of which initially was ok to live with.

This season did see a lot more action due to the larger amount of factions involved in the season, some of these factions brought their old grudges along from a different naval server and continued here with some mixed results…

Once of the earliest wars was TT/NIM aka TWA alliance vs ENSA Alliance (EITC,SNZ, DDU, IRS Starset and FRF with GDI Aiding them), most of this war was relatively friendly and on decent terms.

The other major war was between NIM and GDE, their grudge from a previous server they played on was dragged across and cause a fair bit of unneeded extra discord pvp. With both factions being of a considerable size it again cause a fair bit of pressure on server, showing that SE + Watermod doesn't like large scale events. This fight ended up being fought on a special clone of the main server with just assets from both factions and the NIM Hawaii Fort the major fight was for. Even with continuous cleaning up by admin staff during the fight the server node was close to breaking hitting as low as .2 sim, however it didn't crash which was an improvement compared to the fight on the live server. The fought was narrowly won by NIM mainly due to a piloting error of one of the GDE battleship captains, he decided to take a closer view of the Fort and the ships defending it resulting in the destruction of the vessel.

Once of the last major wars was Armageddon Enclave vs Terran Titans over the Canada continent, while the majority of the conflict was fought in the air some sea battles did occur. GDI came to assist ARC while NIM came to provide some support to TT. For the majority of the conflict both sides had a agreement to only engage if the other faction had sufficient numbers online.

After the last major ARC air assault on the TT Main Base the conflict came to an end on friendly terms.

Season 2 ended on 10th of October 2023

This page is still being worked on

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