Resource Zones

Resource Zones are special zones where you can get Uranium and Platinum, They are a FFA pvp zone where a faction needs to hold the capture zone for 15 minutes in order to gain either material.

There are 2 types:

- Sea based Oilrigs - Land based bunkers

The sea based resource zones are placed far in open water to allow for some casual naval warfare.

The land based zones are placed far inland where ships can't play a role and should allow for some land & air based combat.

These areas are a free for all pvp zone, you can bring planes tanks and if possible boats to the fight.

However building on the RZ structures is not allowed, neither is placing static structures or semi static deployed structures. You either are at the RZ and fight or not, there is no afk lingering grids to be left around if your faction isn't in the area.

20 KM around the RZ is a no build zone, no static objects can be placed within this perimeter.

In order to score points for your faction you have to be inside the capture room, this only activates on characters. The more players of your faction are in the capture area the faster it goes. By default each minute you get 1 point, once you have scored 15 points it will spawn the reward in the container.

If hostile players are in the capture zone this will either slow it down or start capping for the other team instead.

While is a general rule not to use jetpacks to get things done outside of your own grids, you are to use a grid to get to the resource zone and transport the loot away from the resource zone.

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