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Structure/ship Limits

To avoid structure spam and just factions spamming large amounts of massive ships we put some limits in place to keep things a little balanced.

Structure limits Ship Limits
1x Main Base
4x forts
6x Outposts
1x Aircraft Carrier\\1x Logistics Ship
2x Battleship
3x Cruiser
4x Destroyer
4x Frigates
3x Submarine
8x gunboat/corvette

Total ships = 26

Try however to spread your assets between bases to reduce lag. Limits are in place to avoid spam and large groups just steamrolling groups with a large volume of large ships.

These limits are per faction, and this excludes grids that are hangered in the quantum hangars. Just keep in mind you cannot unhanger stuff if enemies are within 15km of the spot where you hangered the grid.

Structure Classification and weapon points

Structure Classification Max Block Count Beacon Range Weapon Points
Outpost 1500 10km 250
Fort 5500 15km 500
Main Base 8000 25km 1000


Each base must have a Base core beacon added, this will auto set broadcast range based on what core is installed.

Outpost must be placed at a minimum of 10 km from other friendly bases. Forts must be placed at a minimum of 15 km from other friendly bases.

You cannot build anything inside of 10 km radius of a hostile structure, structures placed outside your territory are not covered by the war declaration system.

The Base core and Core Beacons must be placed above water & voxels!

A structure must be made static by having it anchored inside voxels

For Large grid weapon points go to Large Grid Weapon Points

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