We have 3 types of structures on the server:

  • A Main Base : This is your faction's home, it is the biggest structure you can build with the largest weapon points pool. You are limited to 1 of these.
  • A Fort : This is a stronghold to fortify a territory, it has a slightly smaller block limit as a Main Base and lower weapon points pool. The amount of these you can build depends on your faction type.
  • An Outpost : This is a defensive or offensive structure to increase military presence in an area. This is the smaller structure and generally used to stage from for offensive reasons or an extra defence to cover an area. The amount of these you can build depends on your faction type.

Each structure much have the correct GridCore installed in order to function, a structure can also install a single resource core.

Type Block Count limit Defensive Points Offensive Points
Main Base 9000 45 90
Fort 6000 30 60
Outpost 2000 15 15

Weapons can be found on the Naval Combat Systems Page : Naval Combat systems

Resource Cores

Every structure can install a resource core, depending on the structure type it will generate passive resources. Only 1 is permitted per structure.

Structure limitations

  • Structures cannot field PMW missiles
  • Can only place 1 structure per territorial capture zone

This page is still under construction, more images and text to be added.

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