We have 4 aircraft classes on this server each with their own role.

There are a couple rules all aircraft need to follow:

  1. Can only fit a max of 2 flares
  2. You cannot turn fixed guns into turrets by any means. The only exception is helicopters.
  3. Aircraft must only use Jets (all SOFL thrusters count as jets), propellers, helicopter blades, and ducted fans. No atmospheric thrusters or other alternative means. (Thruster tonnage can be found at Basic Aircraft Building)
  4. Bombers are Bombers not fighters, any found to be using their missiles as AtA missiles will be deleted with no compensation. Plus they must meet the weight minimum
Type Weapon Points Thrust PMW Missiles
Fighter (F) 100 40T N/A
Strike Fighter (S) 160 60T N/A
Bomber (B) 220 80T TBA
Helicopter (H) 100 10T max (forward support thrusters) TBA

Make sure to read the class specific rules as well

This is a dedicated Air to Air class. VTOL's Count as Fighter Jets for points. Jets can only use 1 direction of thrust this also goes for VTOL Jets. Cannot field PMW missiles Max weight 20,000kg 1 joystick gyro max. Rest just control surfaces

This is a multi-role class, has to weight at least 20,000kg / max 32,500kg. 1 joystick gyro max. Rest just control surfaces

This is a dedicated air to ground class, Bombers have to weight at least 15,000kg. 2 joystick gyro’s, 1 normal gyro. Rest control surfaces

Helicopters are a bit of a mixed class. Helicopters can only use Helicopter Rotor blades, and a single tail prop. This is the only class you can put turreted fixed guns on.

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