These will still need to follow basic rules based on their combat counterparts however they can ignore some of those rules:

  • Civilian ships don't have to follow prop restrictions like their combat counterparts
  • Civilian planes don't have to follow vtol restrictions and can have thrust in all directions.
  • Civilian ground vehicles don't have to follow weight limits.
  • Civilian small grid cannot exceed 1500 blocks.

Civilian vehicles cannot have any weapons what so ever, they can however fit 2 counter measure blocks.

You can use civilian vehicles to transport other combat vehicles however all of their weaponry must remain offline and cannot be used to defend its transport.

Block limits for civilian ships cannot exceed that of the largest ship class, civilian planes and ground vehicles can still only be small grid and no more than 3500 blocks.

Usage in resource zones

Civilian grids can be used to transport resources from a resource zone provided they do not offer any combat advantage at all.

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