Territory is based on countries, as a faction you can claim unclaimed countries in the territory-claims channel. Once a claim is made you are required to build a structure on the claimed land to solidify the claim. This can either be a fort, outpost or a main base. If you want to claim a country that is already claimed you will have to declare war on the faction that owns the country.

If a structure has been destroyed on a territory then its open for you to claim it, this claim will not be solidified until you have at least build an outpost(core + core beacon) on the territory.

As long a war is active each side can keep fighting over the territory till one side gives up or the 1 week time runs out.

You can have a claim over a territory if you have a fort/mainbase within 15km or an outpost within 10km.


  1. A war will last max 1 week, unless both parties agree to extend the war period.
  2. A war must have an actual purpose. For example: Territory conquest, Clash of interests.
  3. A war may not be avoided by avoiding foes in a separate Nexus of the server.

For a war to be declared the attacker must define the territory they wish to attack, once the war goes live the only structures they can attack are those within this territory.

The territory closest to the territory they wish to attack will be their staging base and the defenders can only attack this territory.

The largest structure in each territory will be defined as a staging base.(defined by base core)

A war will start 48 hours after the declaration has been made in the #diplomacy channel. Other factions can aid the factions @ war provided some balance is kept, they will have to declare this in the #diplomacy channel. (A war may be started earlier if both sides agree to start at an agreed upon time, or if both sides agree the war can start later.)

If another faction declares they want to aid one of the factions @ war after the 48 pre war period they will have to wait 24 hours before they can fully participate in the war.

As factions that have declared aid are supporting one of the sides they cannot attack if nobody of the faction they are supporting are online.

Battles exceeding 4 hours can be paused if one side has to drop due to real life. (If a base was under siege this will be frozen, no repairs may be done.) -A request can be made to a servermod to make this pause happen. (A screenshot must be made of the base in question by either a mod or if one isn't available at the time by the defending party.)

Victory Conditions

  • One side surrenders.
  • Staging Base in one of the territories have been destroyed ( both basecore/corebeacon dead = structure dead ) and a structure with both a basecore and beacon has been placed to claim said territory
  • Attacking side failed to capture the territory

If the war isn’t going anywhere or the situation has become too toxic, moderators can decide to end the war.

During a War, If one side decides to avoid fighting by logging on to the Server but avoiding the Nexus of the combat area, either party may contact staff to determine the situation and potentially force combat.

If one side decides to avoid fighting by not logging in for more than a day the war can be ended at a moderator's discretion. Of-course possible external factors and such will be taken into account.


If the attacking party has won the war they will be on a 4 day cool down period before they can declare another war.

The Defending faction, if lost, can declare a new war straight away.


Factions can recruit after a war declaration is made but both factions involved must agree to it.

Factions not at war

Factions that have not declared themselves to be aiding one of the sides in the war cannot interfere, if found active within any of the territories relevant to the war moderator action will be taken. This is to include PMC groups if one side of the war is drastically outnumbered.


Cheating, Abusing or any other form of bad behaviour during wars that staff see as inappropriate will immediately be ended and the offending faction to this rule will lose the war and be given a 2 week cool down or be removed from playing on Dygamic depending on severity.

Private Military Company (PMC)

A PMC is a special faction that acts as a mercenary or a pirate style faction, this comes with its Pros and Cons.

A PMC can attack anybody at will including bases (Forts/Outposts) without a war dec ( this excludes main bases which requires a declaration of war ).

When a member of the PMC is online all their assets can be freely attacked by anyone, this applies to only structures within the node they are currently in. Other nodes will still have their offline safezone up.

As a PMC isn't a territory based faction, they will get a reduced amount of structures available to them. They can't claim more territory than the one they base from. The Territory they initially claim is their HQ and that's where their Main Base is placed.

Next to a Main Base they are allowed to build 2 Outpost and 1 Fort, All of these can be attacked when a member of the PMC faction is online. In order to gain more resources a PMC can sell their services to other factions or just rob them.

If a PMC wishes to attack a Main Base they will have to go through the same process as every other faction and declare war on said faction in order to attack their main base.

Starting a PMC

In order to start a PMC a faction cannot have more structures build than a PMC is allowed to have, they cannot already be at war with a faction. ( any territory held by structures other than their Main Base will revert back to neutral status )

To start a PMC announce your intent in the Diplomacy channel, once this has been done there is a 24 hour period before the faction gains active PMC status.

To stop being a PMC

In order to revert back to a normal faction you have to announce your intent again in the Diplomacy channel, you cannot be in a state of war with a faction. Once you have done this your faction ceases to be a PMC after 48 hours. During this period factions can still attack you till this timer is done.

There is a 7 day cooldown period before you can go back to PMC status.

Pros & Cons shortlist


  • Can attack without having to declare war ( excluding main bases )
  • can assist freely in any war (Unless denied by staff due to severe team imbalance)


  • Can be attacked anytime ( while faction is offline it still gains offline safezone )
  • Structure limitations ( 1 main base, 1 fort, 2 outpost )
  • Still has to declare war in order to attack a main base
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