This is a SE naval server aiming to focus on fun while also keeping some order in the chaos with a reasonable ruleset. The rules are designed to keep a bit of order and push engineers to design ships that aren’t just floating blocks stacked with guns.

Basic rules

  1. No hydromanning/engineer raiding (using jetpacks to engage players/grids or recon/watch enemy grids), also tools are for building and not to be used as offensive weapons.
  2. Try to make your ships look like ships that could exist in the real world
  3. We are here to have fun, don’t be an ass. Losing stuff is part of the game.
  4. No offline raiding, this means no attacking any type of grid in someone else's owned territory while they are not on the Nexus of the target in question, this does not apply to international waters. Combat logging is bad practice, however if a fight where to last longer than 2hrs a request can be made to pause hostilities. We are here to have fun, and there is still such a thing as RL.
  5. Do not ram, ramming is just lame and there are plenty of guns available to get the job done.
  6. Any builds/scripts that severely cause performance issues for the server will be removed (an admin will notify you and give you the chance to modify. If this isn’t solved in time the grid will be removed.)
  7. As this is a naval server all activities are to be on the planet, no grids are to exit the atmosphere(bar transport rockets once space server goes live).
  8. All ships are to be large grid only, all other vehicles/planes will be small grid only.(excluding lg civilian planes)
  9. Each structure requires a base core and core beacon, they must be placed above water & voxels (Cores are Required to Prevent loss of property.)

Grid Cores

Each grid will require a grid core, these will also define the type and class of the grid. On paper they are beacon blocks however they will also carry specific points and limits.

Each class has its own grid core block, they can be found in the dyg grid cores tab in the G menu.

Grids without a grid core will end up getting removed by the auto cleanup !!


For resources we use Base core blocks, these will provide basic ores and also define the base type.

  • Main base core will give the largest amount of ores.
  • Fort Core will give a good chunk of ores.
  • Outpost core is meant for small forward operating bases, these will give a small amount of components for asset repairs.

Platinum and Uranium are only available on resource zones, and trade. (and future npc cargo ships)

Each Faction has a certain amount of specific blocks they can build:

Assembler limit is 25 for the faction with 5 per grid.

Refineries limit is 25 for the faction with 5 per grid

o2 Generators is a flat 3 max per large grid

airvents is a max of 2 per large grid

Navigation Computer blocks is a max of 2 per large grid

Jet packs are only to be used in a logistical capacity around friendly grids, they are not to be used to travel from Resource zones or scout hostile grids.

Any jet pack usage to exploit game mechanics or use to gain an advantage in combat will result in a ban.

Blatantly using a blueprint without approval from the original author is a big no no.

Legal ways to obtain grids:

  • Sale / Trade
  • Salvage
  • Steam Workshop

Copying a grid on one of the public creative servers is also not permitted, the servers exist for people to use to test or just build stuff on. Not for you to be lazy and copy somebody else their stuff.

If grids end up lost or misplaced due to game bugs / server issues we expect you to act like a gentleman(woman) and just report the grid to the faction it belongs to or an admin.

Exploiting game mechanics to obtain a blueprint is also not permitted.

If players are found to be exploiting game systems to gain access to other people's builds they will be banned off the server without warning.

Punishment for breaking any of these rules will be down to admins discretion.

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