Terran Titans - Modern Weapons


This pack puts the focus on modern weaponry.

Will be looking to add a ton of naval weapons but also include tank and fighter plane weapons. Another thing I'm looking to add will various missile systems such as the MK-41 VLS, and counter measures against missiles.

This pack is very much still a work in progress and stuff might not work as intended

Light Naval Turrets

Name Range Description
AK 176 76mm 3000m Range stuff
Mark 45 Mod 4 127 mm/5“ 4000m Range stuff
Bofors Mk.3 57mm Stealth Casing 2500m Range stuff

Missile Systems

Name Range Description
Mark 41 Vertical Launcher System up to 10000m Range depending on ammo, 3 missile types. Min 1000m stuff
Mark 141 Harpoon Launcher 8000, (min 1000m) stuff

AA / CWIS Systems

Name Range Description
Goalkeeper CWIS 1200m stuff
Phalanx CIWS 1450m Range stuff
AK-630 CIWS 2400m Range stuff
RAM RIM-116 Launcher 2200m Range stuff
Rheinmetall Oerlikon Millennium Gun 2000m Range stuff

Counter Measure Systems


Torpedo Systems


Electronic Systems

Name Range Description
missile approach warning system (MAWS) 2000m stuff

Small Grid weapons

Name Range Description
AGM-158c LRASM 8000m (min 1500m stuff
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